Water damaged Okoume. Shearwater 17 S&G

As I was finishing the last epoxy/puzzle joint last night I noticed a clean water leak directally above my neatly stacked Okoume bottom and side panels. They became saturated in some areas and have turned a very dark gray. They are drying with the help of a dehumidifier. Is the beautiful wood grain stained and destroyed or can I lightly sand and save them? The joints are epoxied so is stain out of the question? I really had hoped to aviod using any paint. Thanks in advance for your helpful advice.


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RE: Water damaged Okoume. Shearwater 17 S&G

The wood is most likely OK. Before you try sanding out the stain try some oxalic acid on the wood. You can get this at any good paint store (forget the big box stores) Also, you can try a type of product generically called "Deck Brightener." This product usually has oxalic acid as an active ingredient. Try this on a scrap that has water stains before trying it on the boat parts. Or try it on the undersurface of the boat part if you don't have any scraps.


RE: Water damaged Okoume. Shearwater 17 S&G

Hey Chucko, Dusty's on the right track but if you've never used oxaic acid before I'd suggest you try a product called Teak Wonder. It's a two part and it's the best of the "deck brightener" type products. The neutralizing agent (part 2) will allow you the control to do real finite stain removal. As directed, the wood must be wet when applying part 1. Hope this helps. SEEYA Jack

RE: Water damaged Okoume. Shearwater 17 S&G

Above is valid advice but you may have to treat the entire surface of each panel in order to achieve a uniform color and hope it stays that way once resin is applied.  I'd try a sanding before using chemicals.  I think you'll be surprised. If sanding doesn't work, then I'd go with the chemicals.  Good luck.  Jer

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