Fun with salt water...

Having just indulged an invigorating session of recreational sanding last weekend, it occurs to me to mention one of my favorite post-sanding session fun activities.

Nasal irrigation.

A year or so ago, during a period of flu-cold season, I started doing that daily.  I've been using a plastic squeeze bottle device that I picked up at CVS called "Neil-med". Or as I like to call it, the "Snotmaster 9000". There is a more ancient traditional device for doing this that works more by gravity called a netipot.

The Neil-med device came with a large number of pre-measured saline packets. Once those ran out, I just got some Kosher salt (just salt, no iodine or other ingredients). That works fine for me.

This is an excellent activity to perform while taking a shower to hose off all the other sanding dust. It is not at all painful, reminds me a lot of swimming in the ocean, especially swimming in surf.

Good in general to ward off sinus infections that can develop into more serious illness, and just generally to have permenantly clear sinuses which can be useful for certain activities like breathing.


Ogata (eric) 

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