Rubrails on a CH17lt

Any advice out there for installing rubrails on a ch17?... currently have rails cut, and have not installed deck yet ... i'm thinking of attaching deck, cutting and planing flush - then installing rails before glassing deck - bringing glass over the rails - and cutting off below rail ...deck will be bright, hull painted.

 Any better ways?


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RE: Rubrails on a CH17lt

I have rubrails on my 17 LT. Lessons learned:

  • Don't put rails on until the deck is on and deck edges trimmed.
  • As you sand the edge where the deck meets the hull, so so carefully in order to retain the "fair curve".
  • Don't lay either the deck or the hull fiberglass over the rails. Doing so will ensure that you will NEVER be able to remove them!
  • Put one coat of epoxy on rails before installation to seal wood.
  • I used thickened epoxy, along with brass tacks, to secure the rails.
  • When installing the rails, get a helper! I installed mine solo and can see spots where the vertical alignment is off.
  • When varnishing, I would varnish the rails as a separate step from doing the hull and the deck (avoids drips)
  • Whether when varnishing the deck or the hull, tape off the rails to prevent drips.

I hope this helps!

Tim Clark

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