Deck Radius Limits

I’m building a CHE 17 and I want to tighten the deck radius near the sheer at the cockpit for increased knee room and to break the up the lines of the deck aesthetically. Much like the deck of the Night Heron but with soft edges. I was wondering if anyone else has done this and what is the point at which the plywood rebels at the tightening radius? Thanks

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RE: Deck Radius Limits

Maybe it hasn't been done?  Top heavy?  I have a size 13 and would like to know too.  Would it be advisable to wet it out first to get more bend?  Applying steam?  Got a link? 


RE: Deck Radius Limits

I think you're looking for trouble.  You'll be trying to create multiple athwartkayak curves with just the deck beam, the forward bulkhead, and the sheers.  What will probably happen is the deck will show hard spots at the deck beam and bulkhead, then flatten to the general radius between them, and also toward the bow. Sorta like a fabric-covered model airplane wing that doesn't have enough ribs to maintain the correct shape of its leading edge.   Aesthetically unappealing.  If you just want more knee room, decrease the radius of the deck beam and forward bulkhead top, making them taller.  Much easier than making a triple-arced deck beam, too.  Or build a scale model and work out the engineering to create a Shearwater-style deck, with the middle raised to your knee specifications. 

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