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I am interested in purchasing a trailer suitable for a skerry...I have no garage so would like it to be already assembled....also, planning a few very long road trips, so no square wheels please...thanks, Tomc

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RE: Boat trailer

  Hi Tom,

  While it isn't pre-assembled, Harbor Freight sells a light weight boat trailer that is perfect for the Skerry or Passagemaker.  They assemble quickly and you can't beat the price: $400

  I haul my Passagemaker around on one and it works great.  I replaced the rollers with big slab bunks covered with carpet.

 While the longest distance I've pulled it is about 100 miles, there was no detectable heat in the wheel bearings.  So I think that as long as you're not driving at 100mph, you should be good to go with something like this.



RE: Boat trailer

For long trips you should get a trailer with bigger wheels. Mine had 8" wheels, but with five-bolt pattern, so I was able to upgrade to 12" wheels and it made a big difference. -Wes

RE: Boat trailer

Thanks to all on the boat trailer advice. More than anything else, the concern for me is wheel size. I make some VERY long trips annually....VA to Cape Cod and VA to Sarasota, FL. 8 inch wheels , or even 12 inch wheels invite calamity on trips of this sort. I am looking at the Harbor Freight lightweight trailer and will see about fitting it with 16 inch wheels....thanks again...Tomc

RE: Boat trailer

After posting my earlier advice, I did some quick calculations and found that the larger diameter wheels don't really make a huge difference in revolutions per mile. An 8" wheel with tire is about 16" diameter and turns about 1240 rev/mi; a 12" wheel is about 20"D and turns about 1000 r/m; and a 16" wheel is about 24"D and turns about 850 r/m. I suppose the difference will add up on a 100 mile trip, but theoretically it isn't much.

I once hauled a 15' sailboat from Cape May to Cape Cod on 8" wheels and blew a tire outside of Atlantic City on a Sunday morning in February with no spare, so I now shy away from small wheels. -Wes

RE: Boat trailer

I always carry a spare that has been checked for the correct air pressure before leaving on a trip--also a jack and tire iron to take off the bolts.  This should be essential equipment that one has on trailering any distance from home.  Cannot feel sorry for you if you don't plan for a blowout, no matter which size rim you are running!!!!

RE: Boat trailer

I made two simple modifications to the Harbor Freight boat trailer.

Removed the bottom leaf from the spring stack. Our light weight boats don't need it and doing so will ease the ride.

Replaced the tiny 8" wheels with more reasonable 12" versions. The bolt pattern is 4X4". Use the original wheels as spares. BTW 40 psi is more than enough pressure for our light loads.

Brackets to raise the fenders are easily made from aluminum flat bar.


RE: Boat trailer

Thanks again to all for further suggestions on a boat trailer. The calculations on rotations of different size wheels by one writer, tho dismissed by him (or her ?) as not so critical , are important if you are doing a 1000 trip. In any case,  I think the larger wheels would ease my mind a bit. As to the spar, basic , but another good idea. Regard, Tomc

RE: Boat trailer

Pulling longer distances is far better on real size wheels than those tiny trailer wheels.   Just pulls better and is safer.   I know there are a lot of boat trailer options, but all I did is get a good utility trailer with real size wheels.   You can get a good new one between 800-1000 or numerous used ones on Craigslist.   I have a couple kayaks and a Kahalo, so I did built a couple of easy add-ons to the trailer for the boat to rest in - they are removable when not needed.   As a side note, have found countless other uses for the trailer and wouldn't go without having one anymore - super useful.   I bought the 10 footer.   The boats extend over the front and back a bit - but no problem at all.

RE: Boat trailer

Hey,I think you should buy boat trails of larger wheels as it will be helpful for you  in long trips  .I am telling you this by my experience as I also have boat trails of larger wheels.If you have any queries regarding larger wheels you can ask me.

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