Attaching cockpit to strips on Woodduck hybrid

I am starting to lay the deck strips on my WD.   Butt gluing the strips to the cockpit apron seems like a week connection.  Since the apron will end up being flush with the deck is there any reason I can't run the strips about an inch long and slide them under the apron?  I could cut down the portion of the strip that is under the apron so that the end result is flush.  That would give more surface to glue on.  Is there a reason this wouldnt work? 

Also I am looking for inspiration for a design on the deck.  I've seen a few that other have done but I'd like to see some more. I'm looking for a simple geometric pattern that is not to hard to do with 3/4" strips.   Is there a good link to some design suggestions?  Thanks. 

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RE: Attaching cockpit to strips on Woodduck hybrid

The butt glue only holds the apron in place while you glass it in. All the strength of the joint lies in the epoxy-saturated fiberglass. A few small brads will also help hold the apron in place while the glue dries. -Wes

RE: Attaching cockpit to strips on Woodduck hybrid

  The end result of the apron and strip connection is very sturdy with fiberglass inside and out, you may be surprised. The only negative thing I can come up with (besides the time factor) is the notch you put in the strips would have to be perfect as sanding this joint is delicate. The thin veneer of the Okume (apron) will sand off easily. Also consider the strips as they meet the apron at longer angles along the sides, some trick joinery there!

  I'm a pretty big guy and when entering/leaving the boat there isn't even a hint of flex on the apron. Honestly don't see a need for improvement, it works well.

  About deck design - Maybe an image search on line? Maybe some one else will chime in with suggestions..... Hope that helps.

RE: Attaching cockpit to strips on Woodduck hybrid

I'am with you madcity,it can't hurt.

RE: Attaching cockpit to strips on Woodduck hybrid

I recently fininshed with that part of the build on my hybrid.  The junction of the strips with the cockpit apron seemed tenuous at first, but held up just fine through the important phase of detaching the deck and flipping itover for smooting and glassing.  The key is getting a real nice tight fit at the joint, which becomes progressively complex as you work your way towards the sides.

While not in the plans, I decided that once the deck was upsidedown and ready for glassing, I put a wood-flour thickened fillet over (under really) the whole circumference of the apron so that it would reinforce the joint and there would not be a stepoff, allowing the glass to lay flat on the surface without any bubbles.  The step off occurs because the apron and cedar strips are of different thickness.  This came out great- smooth and strong.

Good luck- Hickory

RE: Attaching cockpit to strips on Woodduck hybrid

I went the same way as Hickory on mine. I used a temporary lolly stick as a spacer whilst clamping the first few strips, so the clamping was easier. You don't need to add extra permanent components or jobs, it will be more than strong enough once complete.

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