Correct expoxy hardener

am building the wood duck 10, in a shed.  I have a heater but the temp overnight will probably dip to 40-50 degrees and will be in the 55 -60  range during the day at this time of year.  my kit came with the slow hardener. should i be using medium or fast under these conditions?  at this point i have puzzle joints for the sides to do and then will be on to filleting.

thanks, Tom

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RE: Correct expoxy hardener

I've done two winter garage boats now, with temps similar to yours (more like 40 at night and low 50's during the day).

The epoxy would be touchable without sticking to finger within 8-12 hrs or so, and totally workable by 24 hrs.  This goes for structural joints as well as surface work like glassing.  Sometimes I would add a lamp close to the joint for maybe 6 hrs, if I was just doing a limited job.

This is with the slow hardener.


RE: Correct expoxy hardener

My winter garage temps run 55 to 62 most days, and I use fast hardener for small mixes up to 3 or 4 squirts, premix fast/slow hardener at 50/50 for larger batches. Only time I use slow at those chilly temps is for mondo batches for bedding several yards of glass cloth.

RE: Correct expoxy hardener

i use a fast hardener and it takes 12-24 hours to harden in 30 degree weather

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