Another Wood Duck 12 in the world

I'm proud to say there is another Wood Duck 12 in the world, completed this morning.  Had a great time building it, right up until the varnish....  That part wasn't so much fun, but I've never liked painting, staining or varnishing.  I learned a lot about epoxy and fiberglass, and that was fun too.  Now I just gotta wait on holiday guests to leave and some decent weather to go paddle it.

There's a blog of the whole process at

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RE: Another Wood Duck 12 in the world

Well, I guess I messed up with the photo.  Oops.

Trying the pic again

J. B.'s Wood Duck 12


Hey, that worked!  I'll try again.

RE: Another Wood Duck 12 in the world

What ratio did you use for graphite to epoxy?

RE: Another Wood Duck 12 in the world

It was close to 50/50.  Actually, I planned to put on two coats and had a small bottle of graphite powder, so I used close to half on the first coat and half on the second coat.  I saved a double pinch for touchup.  I'm pleased with the way it came out.

RE: Another Wood Duck 12 in the world

Great looking Duck !!!  Nice looking RV too. Did you build that yourself ?

Of all my kayaks, the Wood Duck is still my favorate.  I hope that you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.


RV-8 builder,  Wood Duck hybrid, Guillemot and Petrel

RE: Another Wood Duck 12 in the world

Welcome to the fleet! Just wait til you get it in the water, you'll be giving those clorox bottles in the back away.

Good looking boat,



RE: Another Wood Duck 12 in the world

Thanks guys.  It's been fun.

Lou, I didn't build the RV-8.  I've only had it a couple of months and bought it from the estate of the builder (natural causes).  I've been a warbird guy for the past 25 years but recently sold my T-6.  My neighbor and another friend keep their RV's at my place and let me fly them from time to time, so I was pretty sure that was what I wanted.  I went almost 2 weeks without owning an airplane!  My next project is rebuilding the panel as the current radio is junk and there's no engine monitor.

Laszlo, thanks.  I don't know if we'll be giving away the plastic boats, but at least one of them won't be seeing near as much action.  I think I'll still want to use them where there are lots of rocks or a better than average chance I'll be falling off.


It Floats!

Success!  The Duck floats.  What a great weather day a week before Christmas.  Perfect for a maiden voyage and a chance to try out the brand new Neo Sport Explorers.  Dry feet is a great thing!

Very happy with the way the boat handles, less happy with the back band.  I gotta work on that.  First I'm going to raise it and if that doesn't make it more comfortable, I'll be looking for a wider, taller thicker one.

I need to rig something in the cockpit to attach my camera dry box, water bottle and sunscreen.  I might also add a paddle holder on the shear panel, but the jury is still out on that one.  I'd hate to ruin the lines.  This spring, another coat of varnish is in order, but other than that stuff, I'm leaving it alone <g>.  I LOVE how much lighter it is than the 13' Hobie Quests, and so does my wife.  A local fisherman who was taking his boat out stopped to look and say nice things, then offered to help carry them to the water.  Even he commented on how much lighter the Duck is than the Quest. 

Great kit, great time building and looking forward to great paddling!


New boots, too.It floats!...Bev in the boat

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