Deck Plates in Foam Bulkheads

Building  the 11 Ft Little Auk.  I was going to install deck hatches, but the decks are so short I am shying away from hatches.  Has anyone installed Beckson access plates in minicell foam bulkheads?  Wondering if they can just be glued in with 5200 or if I should use long screws (3"+) with a backing ring.  Since these will be only really for venting the compartments, I have also thought about just installing paddle board vent tubes and eliminating access to the end compartments all together.  Ideas and experience approciated.


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RE: Deck Plates in Foam Bulkheads

I have three commercially built kayaks (along with my Shearwaters) with the foam bulkheads being hit or miss.  One works, one sometimes leaks, and one always leaks.  In other words, you may get water behind your bulkhead and I would not think a vent tube would dry it out.  I would guess an access plate in foam might add to the problem.

RE: Deck Plates in Foam Bulkheads

Consider making the bulkheads of 4mm plywood. Cut them so they are about 1/16" shy all around, then install with clear marine silicone caulking.

I used this system with access ports on my daughter's Ganymede and they have worked very well. You can see photos at


RE: Deck Plates in Foam Bulkheads

Of course you can just buy float bags for the bow and stern.

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