Sea Island Sport

I finished my Sea Island Sport yesterday with putting on the hatch toggles, foot rests, and aft deck bungee.  It looks great, and I am ready to launch. 

Except the flipping weather won't cooperate.  Rain, lightning, wind, etc, etc.  Looks like Sunday at the earliest.  Trying to decide which place to launch.  the Everglades, the estuary on the Loxahatche river, the Port of Palm Beach inlet,  decisions, decisions. 

I'll send a photo when I get it in the water.  Right now its sitting on the bench in my shop.  Looking very dry.

John D

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RE: Sea Island Sport

Congratulations John!!! Please post pics... Dana

RE: Sea Island Sport

I paddled the boat this morning in the Loxahatchee Wildlife refuge.  In the Everglades.  The boat did well, tracked really well, turned kind of slow, but I guess we can't have both in the same boat.

I weigh 230 and when I got in the waterline was in the cockpit by about an inch and a half.  A trip to the truck and a scupper stopper fixed that. 

I will take it out on some more open water next week and see how it does in some chop.  The wind was 10 to 15 today and I had no problems with it weather cocking. 

OH, and by the way, no gator tooth marks in my new varnish. 

I'll get some photos up on my facebook page in a day or so.

John D


RE: Sea Island Sport

   foto ??


RE: Sea Island Sport

Been 2 years, he may not even be reading the forum anymore.


RE: Sea Island Sport

Hopefully he didn't become Purena Gator Chow. 

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