Teak for strips?

I am stripping the deck of my shearwater hybrid. I am using Paulownia and I was thinking about putting some teak in the mix. Not alot, just for looks.  The teak is close to 25-30 years old. I have a bunch 3/4" x 3/4" rips, stored in a garage attic or in my shop.

I just thought it would look good with what I am doing. I feel the teak is plenty cured and any oil that may have been in it is not as active as any new wood. I have some black walnut I could use, but the 3/4" teak rips would be perfect. Not at all concerned with weight.

Any thoughts?


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RE: Teak for strips?

Yes, the oil is my only concern. If its evaporated it off and none comes leeching to the surface fine. It is a GREAT wood but the danged oil. Wunderbar if you can use it.



RE: Teak for strips?

Wipe the teak surface with acetone just before using epoxy, and it will be fine.

RE: Teak for strips?

Where did you find the Paulownia?

RE: Teak for strips?

Thanks for the input on the teak. I guess I just needed the advice to help me decide. I don't think I will have any issues with it.

The Paulownia was locally harvested here in VA. Had an old farmer that just needed to get rid of these trees. I am known in the area for building crafts and furniture. He asked me if I would be interested in the wood and being a woodworker I said, why not.  I helped him take them down and he brought them to my house. Had a guy with a mill it along with some Walnut and Cherry. Paid $150 and got a very good stack of wood. I ended up with enough Paulownia to build 3 maybe 4 kayaks. More if I build Hybrids. I have never used it for anything until now on the shearwater. I can tell you it is well worth seeking out.

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