Nymph 12

Is the Nymph 12 suitable for a 5' 11" 200lb male or am I pushing the design limits?


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RE: Nymph 12

Hi Milkman

     Curious if you ever got an answer to you post of Feb 5.  I'm considering a Nympy and it appears we have a similar build.  Did you build the boat and if so how did it go?


RE: Nymph 12

Have not built one myself yet, but the CLC website shows the total capacity for the 12' Nymph to be 240lbs.   I presently paddle an 11' glued lapstrake canoe that has a capacity of 175lbs and have had no problems.   I weigh 160lbs, I wouldf think you should be OK.

RE: Nymph 12

Thanks Steve.  I've ordered the kit.  Should be fun. 

RE: Nymph 12

The Nymph 12 would be very happy with a 200-pounder.  I've seen people much larger than that in the Nymph 12 and in the similar Sassafras 12.  North of 250 pounds, you start to wonder about powerboat wakes and how fast you can bail, but at 200 the boat would be safe and comfortable.  We have a Nymph 12 here in the showroom.

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