Skerry build - Spar varnish

I've just begun building the sail rig for a future Sperry; specifically a boom, gaff and mast.  Per guidance from another builder (Christine DeMerchant, Canada) I'm building "birdsmouth" hollow spars. 

Attached are some pictures.  My question is on Interlux varnish - what can I dilute it with.  The can came wrapped in tape and when I removed the tape all the text (directions) came off with it - I can't tell what's suitable for diluting.

Appreciate the help and any comments on the work.

Thanks, Larry

Endshot - gaff & tiller (oval is the tiller):


Gaff Jaws - not yet glued:


Gaff & Boom jaws - glued:


Gaff end with thumb:

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RE: Skerry build - Spar varnish

Sorry - little on-line search answered my question.  Interlux 333 solvent.

Thanks for looking,



RE: Skerry build - Spar varnish

I've done a quick and limited test using generic lacquer thinner (much cheaper than Interlux 333) and there didn't seem to be any negative side-effect.  At the same time, I've had enough heartache dealing with varnish on my skerry so you might not want to take the risk...


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