Installing Kayak Toggles

I purchased a pair of Kayak Toggles to use as handles on my Chesapeake 17.  However, I am not sure which knot to use to install them.  There are three holes and I imagine I should run the cord through my deck hardware and then into 2 of of the holes.  Next, I pull the line to the end of the toggle and make a knot and then push the knot into the toggle... but my knot is too big.  I am trying to get it to the end result like the picture on the website. 

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RE: Installing Kayak Toggles

That happened to me too. It finally dawned on me to pull one end out one side and the other out the other side, and tie a knot in each end separately. -Wes

RE: Installing Kayak Toggles

Make perfect sense now!



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