Pneumatic Orbital Sanders

I'm looking for a pneumatic orbital sander small enough to be handy. With a soft pad. Does anyone know where to find a decent priced (not festool) orbital sander.



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RE: Pneumatic Orbital Sanders

Pneumatic sanders are generaly used in the automative body shop business, so I would start there.

RE: Pneumatic Orbital Sanders

I would be cautious about using one on a wooden boat. If there is oil in the lines it may spit onto the wood. Also moisture that tends to accumulate in the compressor might be a problem unless you have a dryer installed inline.


RE: Pneumatic Orbital Sanders

I agree with Dan. Hand or electric is the safer bet.

RE: Pneumatic Orbital Sanders

Dynabrade is pretty much the industry standard pneumatic sander for woodworking. Never heard anyone having problems with oil. Not cheap, though. Also, air sanders require a huge volume of air to run, so you'd better have a big compressor. I could never go back to using a sander that's not attached to a vacuum for dust control. If you want that, it limits your choices a bit.




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