Plywood Label

I've just started to layout parts for my 17LT kit, picking the pretty sides and found that one stern piece has sticker residue on both sides.  One side is from the packing tape and the other's from the plywood sheet label.


I know I'll sand both sides but is there a way (or need) to safely remove the residue before sanding? 

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RE: Plywood Label

I had sticker and tape residue on one or two pieces. After final sanding, it was totally gone.


RE: Plywood Label

Gently sand it off. Be careful of using solvents. I have a recurring problem on one of my boats- blistering when exposed to sun/heat in one area. I think the problem area was exposed to acetone or paint thinner which must have saturated the wood before glassing. Not noticeable until much later.




RE: Plywood Label

Thanks guys.  I'll make sure to sand carefully, I was suspecting that solvents might do more harm in the long run.  

RE: Plywood Label

Using denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner is probably safe, since they're often recommended for cleaning surfaces before applying epoxy. Not sure which, if either, would dissolve your adhesives though.


RE: Plywood Label

alcohol or lacquer thinner is good with a white scotch brite pad. neither will attack glue. sounds like you're using okume. african mahog by french mill

used in israeli biz jets. go figure 

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