micro bootlegger

Just ordered plans for a micro bootlegger. My wife needs a classy ride. Going to be a good winter. This will be my second build. See ya on the water, in the spring.


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RE: micro bootlegger

I just received my bootlegger and wondered if there is anything I should know about based on your experience.  

RE: micro bootlegger

I am in the middle of building mine. Deck done. Hull halfway. So far so good. It is pretty straight forward. I think for me the most important item would be making sure the strips were milled good. I used some reclaimed wood  so it took a lot of time to ready the strips. I am building mine without staples. Which by the way isn't as hard as it may seem. I can only work a couple of hours at a time so I can get a bit done, and walk away while it all sets up. Remember Its not really a race to finish. Try not to put pressure on yourself about some finish date. The more time you take in the details now will payoff in the end. Don't forget to take a lot of pictures.




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