Passagmaker Cartop?

I am looking for advice on transporting my passagemaker.  I have an Accura MDX and was thinking of a roof rack.  Any ideas?

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RE: Passagmaker Cartop?

Yes...make sure you have your chiropractor's phone number on speed-dial. :-)


I orginally planned on loading my PMD into the back of my pickup (turn it upside down...aft resting on the tailgate, bow  extending over the cab.  Several problems present themselves with car-topping:

1) you have to flip the boat upside down to get it onto the racks.

2) you have to lift the boat up.

3) you don't want to sail alone

Unless you have someone strong with you to help flip the boat every time,

you risk damaging the sides and finish when you roll her over.  Then, as you move her onto the racks (again alone), you will likely scape the transom.  While the boat isn't heavy (under 100 pounds), it is very awkward to move around like that.

And any injury to your arm or shoulder will put an end to your sailing until you heal.

After tearing my rotator cuff (right shoulder) and damaging the cartilage in my right wrist (TFCC tear), I decided to go with the lightweight trailer from Harbor Frieght.  I bought it on sale for $278.  I replaced all of the bunks and rollers to custom fit it to my PMD.

It works great!  Loading and offloading couldn't be easier. And moving the boat to its storage area after sailing is a no-brainer...just wheel it there.

It's cheap and much better than killing yourself flipping and lifting the boat.



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