Recommendation for the fishing kayak

Greetings all.

 I'm a prior CLC customer who built a couple of Chesapeakes for my wife and I a few years back.  Still enjoying those boats today.

 I have recently taken up salt water fishing and would like to get a fishing kayak.  So, building my own was one of the first things I thought about.

 Started browsing the site to see what is available these days and am quite impressed with the selection of boats now available.

Back to the fishing boats.  I'm looking at the Wood Duck 14 or the Sea Island Sport.  I'm a big guy - 6'1" at 235lbs.  I do plan on taking the boat into the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm also interested in rigging the boat for fishing - rod holders, fish/tackle storage and such.

 So which of these boats would better for this type of use.  Of course, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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RE: Recommendation for the fishing kayak

Wood Duck 14 for a faster build and more under-deck stowage.  (Or, better, a Wood Duck 12---you're fine in that boat at your weight and bigger isn't always better in kayaks!)

The Sea Island Sport for an open, self-draining cockpit and better handling in wind and waves than the 14 (at your weight).

RE: Recommendation for the fishing kayak

Thanks for the reply John.

One more question.  Are any of these three boats stable enough for a person of my stature to stand up in?

RE: Recommendation for the fishing kayak

as a 6'2" 220# paddler, I can attest to the size and stability of the WD12, it is a wonderful boat.  I have stood up in it, was able to stand up and lower myself back down... not sure that I would do that for fishing (not a fisherman).  I would take her out in big water, the biggest I have been our in was about 1 metre and it was like a carnival ride.  fun and nothing scary.  You could always rig a couple of outriggers if she is not stable enough for standing.

I was just searching the postings, there was a WD12 about a year ago that was totally outfitted for fishing, complete with fishfinder, rod holders and wet locker that set into the aft compartment... could not find it :(

short answer, you will not be disappointed with a WD12 [I think]

RE: Recommendation for the fishing kayak

Don, does it have to be a kayak?

I am finishing a Northeaster Dory for Gulf fishing out of Gulfport, MS. Getting through the sand to the water carrying my older Mill Creek is always troublesome, so I will trailer the dory, making launch and recovery much. much easier.

 With the length near 19 feet and a 56 inch max beam, I can probably flyfish/sightfish for tripletails standing. I've added a coaming around the dory similar to that of the Mill Creek to keep wave splash out and allow my grandkids to lean over the sides without shipping water. and of course, to slide really big fish over the railing without filling up the boat :=)

 In my mind, my primary interest is fishing. Nature-paddling with the kayak is great, so I actually need both since kayak fishing puts me too deep inside the cockpit to work a spinning reel and rod at peak effect.

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