Source for replacement mast

  Okay..rule #1 - ensure your stays are properly tensioned so a sudden gust of wind won't induce slack in one, resulting in the mast coming out of its step..which in turn results in a nice aluminum boomerang.

  The only damage (other than to my pride) is the mast itself.


  Any suggestions on sourcing the aluminum tubing?  One place  found online wanted $33 for a 12 foot tube...and $107 for shipping!  Ouch!!


  Maybe it's time to finish up the wooden mast I was working on...



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RE: Source for replacement mast

For an extra $70 you can build it from carbon fiber and not worry about it rotting or corroding and it should weigh less than 5 lbs. I've been sailing with mine for a year now and am very happy with it. Click on the picture of the kit for more info if you're interested.


RE: Source for replacement mast

Thanks Laszlo. That might be something I'll consider over the winter, but I want to get back on the water quickly.

Who would think that finding a piece of aluminum tubing would be so hard or expensive?



RE: Source for replacement mast


 A couple of thoughts- how about a local electrical supply house, aluminum

conduit (generally comes in different wall thicknesses).

 And also, local machine shops, they sometimes stock various supplies like

tubing, sheet metal, etc.

 Good luck.


RE: Source for replacement mast

I'm a paddler not a sailor, but I do have a couple of questions.

How long, or high is your mast, as in length?  eg 12 feet

What diameter tubing do you require, eg 1 and 1/2 in OD ?

Where are you located?  eg Rochester N.Y.

There must be suppliers out there, aluminum poles for this purpose?

Ted B

RE: Source for replacement mast

These people were very helpful for previous sailboats:

I've always wondered why the Passagemaker is the only CLC sailboat with an aluminum mast - anyone know why? They have one for the lug rig. 

Is the wooden one you are working on "birdmouth"(


John (in Rochester NY!) 

RE: Source for replacement mast

REK - thanks for the suggestions. I have calls into several electrical supply shops and machine shops.


Ted B - The mast supplied with the kit is 2 pieces that, together, measure 11' 3".  If I can get a 12 foot length, I don't need to match the existing tube since I wouldn't need the coupler to put the 2 pieces together.  Ideally it would be 12 feet with a 1.5" OD.

I'm close to Worcester Massachusetts (central Mass).  I'm sure there are sources close by...but finding them is proving harder than I expected.


  John - The Dwyer mast is certainly an option. Thanks.

   The wooden mast I built is indeed a birdmouth. I saw it on Christine's site and decided that was what I wanted. 


Thanks for the replies!



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