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Does anyone know of a source of 3" high metal (ie stainless steel) letters and numbers for a state registration? Because I am in Penna and sailing is Mass and MD I need a registration. That's done now I need some non-ugly numbers to put on my NE Dory. I googled a promiseing company but they want $28 a number/letter. I need 16 of them. Ouch.

 You folks just have to know a cheap source of classy looking numbers and letters. This is not a HIN.

 Thanx all.

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RE: Registration Numbers

Am I the only one putting numbers on a boat? If yes how is everyone getting by the rule.

RE: Registration Numbers

In MA, boats that are not powered by motors are not required to be registered.

RE: Registration Numbers

Pretty much the same in Michigan. I did have to read the rules twice to make sure.  Good luck.

RE: Registration Numbers

I would use vinyl numbers. You can apply them to the side of the hull directly or do what I did and apply them and the decal to a number board that fits along the shear strake. White numbers on varnished sapele stands out very well and looks classy.


RE: Registration Numbers


Here's a source for vinyl letters, you pick the font (from MS Word), size and color (to include "chrome") and they just stick on.  Pretty cheap, I think I paid $10.00 for two "Chesapeake" signs for the side of my boat.

Good luck,


RE: Registration Numbers

I dont need reg numbers here in FL, but I do put graphics on my yaks as well as serial numbers and I just use the old rice paper and inkjet printer method.


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