Mill Creek sail kit

Hi everyone,

   I'm peicing together a sail kit for a Mill Creek 16.5 and had a few questions. First are the sail dimensions on the plans accurate with the foot and head being 6' 9" and does anyone know what the wall thickness for the mast is? I'm guessing it would be .065 but if thinner would work it should help stability.




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RE: Mill Creek sail kit


I don't have your answer about the mast, but I do have a MC 16.5.  I had also planned to build a sail rig and then just decided to add the rowing seat.  However, I was out on our lake this weekend and saw several small wooden sail boats having a nice time.  It got me thinking about the sail rig again.  Post some pictures when you can.

RE: Mill Creek sail kit

Will do on the pictures if I can figure out the posting process. If you build the sail kit off the plans watch out for the length on the thwart. I think the dimension given on the plans is for Mill Creek 13 since it comes out a few inches to short to reach over the side of the 16.5. Luckily I added a couple inches while laminating the parts together and caught it before trimming it down to length. The homebuilt rudder in the manual looks about right and I'll be trying that out next week if the weather holds.



RE: Mill Creek sail kit

I still can't figure out how to post pictures but here's a link to what's done on the sail kit so far.

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