Kayak Storage/ Lift System

Hey folks,
I've been helping out a fellow builder develop a lift system for his boat. Thought I'd share my system here, in case any of you were curious. 
Here's a video on YouTube, showing the pulley system.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW6al3d0rXY 
...and some snaps/ schematics at http://picasaweb.google.ca/dwclow/PulleySystem#

Obviously, the top 2x4’s need to be securely ‘lagged’ into ceiling joists. 
I’m not sure if it is easily evident or not, but the whole system works with only three lengths of rope.

 I'd love to see/ hear what others have done. 


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RE: Kayak Storage/ Lift System

Hi Oakland, Nice system although I hope you don't hear from Harken"s lawyer. I use the Harken Hoister system on my boats and it's VERY similar except they use straps witrh a quick release under the boat and I find that works well. Keep up the good work. SEEYA Jack 

RE: Kayak Storage/ Lift System




My father was in the Merchant Marines during and after the war, (WWII), and he made darn sure I knew how to tie knots and use pulleys. Hanging the food pack in bear country was always an elaborate process on our canoe trips.

To be totally honest though, I didn’t just dream this one up; my uncle and I worked this out years ago, while sailing across Lake Ontario.  His 32’ C&C was rigged for solo sailing and had all sorts of extra hardware (turns, guides, locking cleats, etc) to bring all the lines down into the cockpit (aka: spaghetti bowl).. Getting a 17’ canoe in and out of his one-car-garage was (and still is) pretty frustrating, so we were inspired by the rigging systems of his sail boat.

Once my CH17 build is done, I’ll likely change out the 2x4’s for web straps with quick connects… though I’m more focused on getting the thing built *this* season, than I am on storing it.  That problem can be tackled after ice up!

I looked up the Harken web site.  More than just a lift system; their catalogue if full of sailing gear!  I’ll have to find a local dealer and upgrade my lift system; maybe a locking cleat…  I’m not selling anything, so I don’t expect to hear from any lawyers. Besides – I’m sure if there are patent claims to be made for the basic use of ropes and pulleys, we would have heard about that back in high school or maybe Engineering 101. J






RE: Kayak Storage/ Lift System

I'm the (very grateful) builder Oakwood (Donald) is helping out with my storage challenge....  His idea is a great solution, providing a one-handed hoist that looks fairly easy to accomplish (my current attempt, using two lines and straight pulleys) doesn't allow enough leverage (or "advantage") to get the boat up in the air.

My question would be, is there a particular place to buy double pulleys?  I've got several singles that are rated between 110 and 130 lbs; the doubles, though, are missing from my line up.

Many thanks, Donald, you've saved me much frustration in the trial-n-error department!  And yes - continue your build..., you'll love the 17 (launched mine two weeks ago and it was a grand experience!),



RE: Kayak Storage/ Lift System

Larry, Look for your local Harken dealer (dealership), they'll have all sorts of double pulleys, locking cams, and tons of other rope handling hardware that you could use to improve/ perfect your system.


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