Suction cup load assist guides

Here's a video of a cool homemade item with suction cups that makes it easier to scoot boats up onto roof racks:

Someone here recently showed a deluxe version with a roller, and said he would explain how he made it if anyone was interested.  A few guys did express interest, and I've been watching, but haven't seen anymore about it.  At least I would like to know where those cool suction cup assemblies can be purchased.


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RE: Suction cup load assist guides

That would be me... I will post some info as soon as I get a weekend I can't paddle. I purchased the suction holders at Woodcraft in Allentown, PA for $10. You should be able to find them on the online store.

From an earlier post...

I thought about how I was going to load and transport a 17 foot kayak on a car for a long time. The Mill Creek 16.5 is rather odd as it has a flat bottom and a hard chine. Most commercially available racks and accessories are for V-bottoms and a round chine. The only product I found that might work was the Yakima Showboat, which was rather expensive and it did not get good reviews. Additionally I would have to lift the kayak up to the height of the roof rack to get it on the roller.

 What I came up with was a PVC pipe roller which is held onto the trunk of the car by suction cups and a length of schedule 80 PVC pipe slipped over the rear Yakima roof rack load bar. This allows me to load the kayak by myself and the simplicity keeps the car clean when not in use. Total cost of the parts was about $30 and only took a couple of hours to fabricate. If there is more interest I can post some better pictures and parts information to the forum.


RE: Suction cup load assist guides

Thanks dehager.  I found something online called a "Handle On Demand", made by FastCap, which looks very similar - if not identical.  It would be great to hear more about how you made yours, although I do understand that it's much more fun to paddle!

There is another video I saw  that shows a kayak cart mounted upside down on a car or van, so the wheels can act as rollers for roof rack loading and unloading.  It was a Wheeleez brand of cart (which has the wide balloon tires that roll nicely over sand), although other types can probably be rigged similarly.


RE: Suction cup load assist guides

And if your time is more valuable than your money, check out this item:

RE: Suction cup load assist guides

I will post instructions soon...

That is the same one that I am using. I cut the handle in half and glued a PVC bushing in each side, the roller is PVC pipe with two bushings. It is held together with a couple of nuts and a length of threaded rod.

You could use wood for the bushings. A dowel or disks drilled with a holesaw would work well

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