So I have the right forms (wood duck 12)

I've started building my Wood Duck 12 and would like to confirm that my kit came with the right forms and bulkheads. I'm asking because the shape of the forms seems closer to what's in the Wood Duck 10 drwawings than what is in the Wood Duck 12 drawings in the instructions. If any can confirm that these are the correct (or incorrect) forms I would appreciate it.

stern form!AnXWCJ4NsjaiioIKaqiTYLM3X8ZzRw


bow form!AnXWCJ4NsjaiioILBWKXQ5Ky3H3WDw





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RE: So I have the right forms (wood duck 12)!AnXWCJ4NsjaiioILBWKXQ5Ky3H3WDw   

forward form!AnXWCJ4NsjaiioIKaqiTYLM3X8ZzRw

stern form

RE: So I have the right forms (wood duck 12)


Here's the drawings for the WD10:

and for the WD12:


The bulkheads and forms look near identical. One big clue as to which kit you have is the lack or presence of the stern deck form. The WD10 has it and the WD12 doesn't. The WD12 also has a longer forward deck and the length ratio of the Bow Sheer panel to stern sheer panel is greater than for the WD10.

If this doesn't do it for you, I'd say use the CLC customer support link at the top right of this page to get the info straight from the horse's mouth.

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RE: So I have the right forms (wood duck 12)

   My wood duck 12 kit did come with a rear deck form. I was thinking this might have been an oversight in the parts drawing. I did use the contact us link and have requested the dimensions of the forms so I can be 100% sure whether I got the right forms or not.





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