precoating passagemaker seats / bulkheads

I precoated with unthickened epoxy the hull strakes, transoms and daggerboard trunk.  but nowhere in the instuctions does it address precoating the transoms or the seats.  Am I missing something or does varnish go straight on to the seats without epoxy?

Thanks.  Moving right along here.  Splash by July 4?  

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RE: precoating passagemaker seats / bulkheads

Seats, transoms, and such were all precoated in our build, if memory serves.  I thought that was all as per the manual, but my memory may be a little fuzzy.  All that fearsome sanding after we had a glued-up, boat-shaped object may have caused me to block out some of the earlier steps, hard to say.

Possible memory loss notwithstanding, however, I can't imagine that we coated all that stuff without having found some support for the idea in the manual.  This was a first ever effort for us (maybe last ever, not that I'm not also lusting after several other CLC designs--we'll see), and I'd purchased an extra copy of the manual so my #2 son and chief boatwright could have his own to study at home while I (more of the chief boat-wrong) had a copy here to study and to which we referred regularly as we worked.  We pretty much wore both copies out, especially the "shop copy", as we were in moral terror of making some fatal error due to being over-manly and thus failing to read the directions closely.  <;-)


RE: precoating passagemaker seats / bulkheads

Thanks Michael.  I re-read the instructions and I still don't see anything about pre=coating the seats or bulkheads.  There is a chapter that is titled "Precoating Planks and Bulkheads" but then only speaks directly of planks and transoms.  There is one sentence that says "along with all of the other parts."   I guess that includes the seats and bulkheads. 

Looks like I have some more unthickened epoxy to apply.    

RE: precoating passagemaker seats / bulkheads

Yeah, it may have been something oblique like that, and maybe some statements elsewhere, perhaps like, "While you're waiting for thickened epoxy to set up in the plank laps, you may as well go ahead and coat all those seats and bulkheads...."  Something like that.

The only things I remember being specifically instructed not to coat were the garboard planks and the bottom plank where the fiberglass was to go.  Well, maybe specific areas of some parts where they were to be glued up to other parts.

Remember to (1) take your time, (2) don't stop reading the manual, and (3) have fun.  Keep thinking about the insane joy when you finally get to play with her in the water.  It's a fun boat, for sure.


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