This is “Madness” I tell ya!

Saturday night at work I was just a little bit board. So as usual I was dreaming about boats. I was looking at Johns designs, ones I had not really considered in the past. I started to read about Madness the Proa. Now I thought it was an odd looking vessel, and saw how it can only turn one direction. I thought that was pretty much Madness. Then I listened to the video clip of John explaining the genius behind a Proa. Wow that does makes sense. So I started to look at other Proas. Then my obsession with R2AK kicked in and I started to think that Madness would be a great contender. Yesterday I was setting out in the backyard with my wife reading the R2AK website, checking out the entrants for this year, and what do I see? “Team Fly Baby Fly” entering a “Racing Proa”. It is not listed as “Madness” or a CLC design, but it sure looks familiar.  I check out CLC site and there she is. Attributed to a “Patrick” on CLC's sight. And the racer in R2AK is Christian Patrick. Its Madness!! I cant wait to see how she does! Good Luck Team Fly Baby Fly!

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RE: This is “Madness” I tell ya!

That's not a "Madness" design; it's a little larger and there are other differences. I know the builder. Certainly could put up a good fight in the R2AK!

RE: This is “Madness” I tell ya!

   Realky? Ok I stand corrected. You should enter Madness then, I'll crew for you!

RE: This is “Madness” I tell ya!


The penultimate paragraph.



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