PMD bottom panel stitching

Hoping someone can help confirm or suggest improvement for bottom panel stitching. I started out on table and now the bottom panel & #1 panels are flat to bottom. All other panels have groove where glue can be easily applied. I'm hoping once I flip over I can pry this open and glue accordingly. Thought about suspending weight from top and readjusting once I get most of the weight off (held by transoms wired) or should I start over?

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RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

The best way to stitch the boat together is between two sturdy sawhorses.  They should be placed about 1/3rd to 1/4th of the boat length from each end.  This causes the panels to sag between the sawhorses, which induces "rocker", the curvature to the bottom of the boat. 

The garboards or #1 panels should also have the rabbet machined on the bottom edge to accept the edge of the bottom panel (which doesn't have a rabbet).  When you mate/stitch the different curves of the #1 panel to the edge of the bottom panel, they will force themselves into a banana-type curve.  This is the beauty of stitch and glue boats, no molds needed.

I just did this a couple of weeks ago on my PMD.  In the manual, you can see the photo of the #1 planks stitched and the graceful curve they create when mated properly.

You absolutely do not want to do this on a flat table or you'd need to accidentally find the right height of shims to prop the bow and stern up to accidentally create the correct amount of rocker.

There should be no "prying" as the edges of the plywood need to be protected while the stitches will each individually nudge the panels into the proper boat shape.  Your boat will be completely stitched together into a proper boat shape before you should even think about flipping it.  This is the "basket" state that John mentions in the manual.

If I understand what your saying, I think you may be overcomplicating things with the concept of hanging the boat from the transoms.  All of this can be easily done by just laying the boat across some sawhorses.

Am I understanding your question properly?

RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

Sorry for the rambling. Great advice Skully so thanks for sharing! The boat is assembled and stitched I just notice that the #1 panels are flat to the bottom. It seems others are properly stitched. I would upload a picture but appears I can't just paste a photo?

RE: PMD bottom panel stitching


RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

Thanks Ruud I was looking for that!



RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

Everything looks just fine to me.  The angle between the bottom panel and the #1 planks is very shallow, but it still follows the facets on the bottom of the transoms.  It also appears that you have the proper rabbet on the bottom of your #1 plank.

Please feel free to post closer pics and possibly even point at the issues you're seeing.  Once again, it looks like yours stitched together even better than my plans build.  I was easily able to patch the few small gaps with wood flour epoxy mix.

RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

   It may just be distortion in your first photo, but that shot makes it look like you might have a bit of twist in the hull.  If I'm wrong, forgive me, but if I'm right, you'll want to be sure to correct that before gluing things permanently in place.  It's easy to spend so much building time so close to the work that we just don't see thinks like that.  Please don't ask how I know.

RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

I'm worried the angle is too shallow on bottom. Yes. DG good eye. I rewired the small transom and most of the twist is out now. I'm waiting to glue until everything is right.

RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

Yeah, be careful there.  Stretch some string down the centerline, measure the diagonals both ways, step back and eyeball all around, and  then loosen and retighten the wires, giving here a shake or a twist here and there as needed, to make sure she is plumb, true and square before you start gluing up.  Warrants taking your time, it does.


RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

Don't worry too much about twist yet because you're going to flip the boat before you glass or goop anything together.  At that point, I highly recommend either leveling the ends or using winding sticks.  Just make sure your panels are aligned properly, which I think they are.  While the boat is still upright, you can always give the bow transom a quick twist to make sure there's not a permanent twist in your wiring.

Parallax error in photos can be very deceiving.  There's also a few degree difference between the bottom panel and the #1 plank, which you apparently achieved.

I had a few gaps that you could put the tip of a chopstick in, but nothing major enough to affect the performance/appearance of the boat.  Everything is covered in very forgiving, large fillets.

I understand that this is a serious investment and you're trying to pull the build off in the best way possible, but I think you may be looking for problems that aren't there.  From your pics, it looks to me like you're spot on and good to go.

RE: PMD bottom panel stitching

I'm like a brand new parent! Lol. Thanks all for the great advice. Will work on more aligning this weekend then hopefully off to gluing

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