Epoxy problem (maybe)

I was all set to put a finishing coat of epoxy on the hull of my 16LT project when the pump for the hardener seemed to be dispensing a good bit of air along with the resin.  The 1:1 pump ratio clearly was not going to be a good measure for mixing, but I was already into the process, and I happened to be using a graduated mixing bucket, so I took note of the resin level and tried to gauge the correct amount of hardener that way, assuming a 2:1 ratio.

I fear I may have been wrong.  This morning, the epoxy had not set completely and was still quite sticky, though no longer fluid.  On the one hand, it was rather cool here last night (low 40's), so that may have retarded the reaction somewhat, and by this afternoon, all may be well and good.

On the other hand, I may have a problem.  No doubt others have had this happen, so no doubt there are myriad solutions; but I'm looking for "the answer", and it doesn't have to be the easy way.  I'm quite prepared to take a gallon of acetone & steel wool & clear all of this sticky mess off if that's what it's going to take.

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RE: Epoxy problem (maybe)

Unless you're talking Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, the low 40's are the culprit. That's almost 20 degrees below what the minimum  temperature needs to be for a good cure, especially if you're using slow hardener. The graduated mixing bucket should have worked fine. The amount of error, when carefully done, is way below the epoxy's tolerance. Just wait until things warm up or shine an incandescent bulb on it for a while. You should be fine.



RE: Epoxy problem (maybe)

Thanks for the optimism.  Yep, I'm talking Fahrenheit (I'm actually not too far from CLC).  I've been working most evenings, & it's been dropping into the upper 40's pretty regularly lately overnight, but I've always had hard epoxy in the a.m., so I was a tad concerned given my pump issue.  I'll keep my fingers crossed until I get home this afternoon (forecast for 77 degrees today.  Yippee!)

RE: Epoxy problem - followup

As hoped and predicted, the epoxy set up by the end of the next day, and all is well.  The pump issue turns out to be a result of just a low level of resin in the bottle.  Thanks, Laszlo.

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