Where to sell our boats?

Hello, I've been out of touch with this forum for the past several years, but it was a great help when we were building our boats.

 Alas, it is now time to downsize some of our fleet. Where would be a good place to advertise our kayaks for sale?

 We are in N Ga, if we were still in sunny Fla, we'd just strap them on the roof and drive to teh baech with a "for sale" sign


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RE: Where to sell our boats?

I told youI was away for a few years! Just saw the "Boat Bazzar" section on the site. DUH!

RE: Where to sell our boats?

I bought my Chesapeake 18 and my WW kayak on Craigslist.  Like you, I did not even know the "Boat Bazzar" section existed on clcboats.com.

Though I shop for boat bargains on Craigslist, if I was selling I would probably use EBay.  The EBay auction format gives me a value that I can accept as a fair price.  If I sold on Criagslist or the "Boat Bazzar" then I personally would keep second guessing myself on the sale price.

Note that I am not an expert or even a haggler.  I've bought two boats on craigslist, on EBay I have purchased a bicycle and some minor items.  My only sale has been one old car sold on EBay.


RE: Where to sell our boats?

I am also in GA...on the north side of ATL to be exact.  We also have a place up in Hiawassee on Lake Chatuge in the NC/GA mountains.  I want a rowing boat and will be building an Annapolis Wherry.  I have wanted a nice rowing boat for a while and just discovered that I could buy a kit and build one.  So, what do you have for sale?

RE: Where to sell our boats?


We're in Waleska Ga @ Lake Arrowhead between I 75 & I 575.

 (un)Fortunately we have a 16'Pygmy, a 17' Chesapeake and an 18' Chesapeake. No rowing boats 8-(

The kits are great. The forum is a HUGE help to any first time builders

RE: Where to sell our boats?

I'd like to see pictures  and info on what you are selling. You can list info on the bazaar at this site or email me at tweldon@wildblue.net.

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