Activity in the Shop

Since figuring out how to open the CLC shopcam on my computer last week, I haven't seen much action there. Just the guy in the blue watch cap shuffling around with a mug of coffee now and then, looking like Ted in the Dilbert cartoons. Today, though, the shop has been cleaned and work seems to have resumed on the Wood Duck 14. Do we have a new project coming in soon?

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RE: Activity in the Shop

No new projects yet, but we are preparing for the Passagemaker Dinghy Class that starts on February á 8th.  Check back often between the 8th and 13th to watch four boats come together in the shop.

RE: Activity in the Shop


I know there was some information about macs, but what is the trick to getting the live shpcam to show up on a pc?  All I get is a black screen.

RE: Activity in the Shop

Ask Microsoft. When I was trying to open the shop cam I got a prompt from Windows to download a piece of code. I'm not computer literate enough to know any more about it, but it took only a second or two and worked right away. Note too that CLC shuts off the lights on after working hours, so all you see is a dark room. -Wes

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