Whiskey plank

The deck is coming along and I'm getting close to carving the whiskey plank. Any tips? Favorite brand? drink before or after? ;) 

Latest pictures here


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RE: Whiskey plank

I'd go for a single malt Scotch, before AND after!!!

Looks good; always wanted to do a Stripped deck (but I'm afraid!).

Look forward to completion pics...


RE: Whiskey plank

I think before and and after is good advice. Those little strips are annoying. I've been removing a bit of the cove lip on the underside in order to fit them in. I've also decided to do 2 needles butted together. This seems easier that a long double tapered piece.

Next question....filet the seam between the plywood apron and the stripped deck on the underside? I may do this to strengthen it up a bit. Any comments?

RE: Whiskey plank

Note to self...next time rtfm. There's a good description of the whiskey plank on page 92-93 of 'The Strip-Built Sea Kayak'

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