Question - sanding hull / deck

I've sanded the bulk of the epoxy off my hull, started with 60 to break up the surface, then went to 100 to smooth things out.  In several places I'm starting to see the fabric, but I have many dimples, low spots (1/4" diameter) and I'm reluctant to sand too far into the fabric to even those out.

Should I roll on another thin layer of epoxy to even things up?  Then re-sand with 220, say?  I hate to resand but also want a good finish (bright).

Thanks for any suggestions,



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RE: Question - sanding hull / deck

Hi Larry,

I have some low spots on the bottom of my hull, and I brushed on another thin coat of epoxy with a foam brush. It filled the small holes, but not the large holes.

Rather than apply another entire coat, I mixed up a small batch of epoxy in a cup and waited about four hours until it started to harden and was about the consistancy of honey. I then filled the deep holes with the semi-hardened goo. It dripped a little, but for the most part, it stayed in the holes. I havent sanded it yet, but it appears it will blend in with the rest of the hull just fine. I'm then going to do my final sanding with 220, as recommended in the instructions.


RE: Question - sanding hull / deck

Mark, I like the honey-consistency idea, but I've got way to many to fill that way... I'm thinking another rolled on coat is the answer, BUT, the last coat I rolled on was really uneven and I hate the thought of starting over sanding with 60 grit.  Might try to thin the epoxy a little (alcohol works, I'm told - maybe 5%) and see if it'll smooth out better.

Keep ya posted,


RE: Question - sanding hull / deck

have you tryed putting on another coat and using a spreader to smooth out that coat to keep the sanding down

i'm a new builder also but have had good results with my glass

RE: Question - sanding hull / deck

Instead of thinning the epoxy, if you want the epoxy to flow better when it is cool use small batches of epoxy and warm it 10 sec or so in the microwave (or just warm the resin prior to mixing)- just a little.


I ended up doing several rounds of sanding and adding epoxy to even-flatten it out.

RE: Question - sanding hull / deck

Larry --

Before you add more epoxy (and weight, and cost), wet down the boat with water. You'll be surprised at how many imperfections visible while it's dry will simply disappear (until the water evaporates).  If you're happy with how it looks, you're golden, for that's what it will look like varnished with a gloss varnish. 

RE: Question - sanding hull / deck


Thanks.   I actually tried that last night (wet just a portion of the deck) and you're right, it looked very good!

And, better, saves the cost of even more of that premium "glue!"


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