Guillemot Design Question

Hi Everyone,

 I'm new to the kayak-building world and have a quick question. I recently ordered the Guillemot kit from CLC, which includes some designs and Nick Schade's The Strip-Built Sea Kayak. I'm getting ready to put the forms on the strongback and noticed a discrepency between the book and the plans, and I was wondering if someone could help me out.

On page 73, it says, "The location of the first form on the strongback, relative to the forward end of the strongback, is 11 1/2 inches for alll the designs in this book. Mark 1-foot increments from this first form and label the locations accordingly."

 That's straightforward enough, but at the bottom of the page, there's a diagram where the first form is 12 inches from the center, and it appears to be the same on the plans included with the kit.

 Can anyone more knowledgeable or experienced help me out here?

 Thanks in advance.


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RE: Guillemot Design Question

Hi Gary,

let me first say i have not built a kayak yet, but i am collecting the parts and knowledge necessary to start.  my first will be a Matunuck .

i am a carpenter by trade and the last 8 - 10 years have done trim in high end homes.  i have that book and have read it cover to cover.  i don't know how thick the forms are but if they are 3/4" thick, then the centerof the form would only be 1/8" off of center on a 12" mark.    but then the diagram shows the 12" and then towards the center.  my take on this is that it doesn't matter if you are exactly on the mark or just a small amount off the mark.  these forms are going to help you with the basic shape of the boat.  if you draw it out, i don't think 1/2" is going to make a big difference in the shape of the boat. you can always split the difference too.   there is a bit of flexibility in the fitting of forms inmy opinion.

if you have read some other postings, there are differences and mistakes.  until you get to the fitting of the strips, i think you will be fine.  this seems to be a great forum to read, ask, and learn.  i hope this helps to ease your mind some.


RE: Guillemot Design Question

The forms should be mounted so that the station is on the side of the form closest to the end of the boat. The middle two forms will, therefore, be closer to each other than the other forms, which should be evenly spaced, unless otherwise specified in the plans. -Wes

RE: Guillemot Design Question

I have built 2 of Nicks yaks so far and to make it easy,  Your forms are 1/2" thick, space them 12" on center.  Your end forms should be marked, and it buts into the next form, so lay it out so the split form is 12" from the first full form center to center... left side to left side, 11 1/2" between, and all your other forms should fall in the same way.  If you want you can follow all  my builds on my blog or the "Expedition Single at  and the  Guillemot build at


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