Sassafras 12 flotation


I'm close to pulling the trigger on a Sassafras 12 to eventually replace my Old Town Discovery 11'9" (polyethylene - gasp!) canoe. Do the flotation chambers built into the Sassafras have enough volume to facilitate self-rescue in the event the canoe is swamped (i.e., solo reentry and bailing)?

Has anyone practiced swamping their Sassafras 12?



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RE: Sassafras 12 flotation

Dave, I have unintentionally swamped my Sassafras trying to get out through the shore break at Coffs Harbour. It was impossible to empty the water and re enter, or re-enter and bail out, there is just not enough flotation.


RE: Sassafras 12 flotation

Oh well...

Adding flotation would't seem right for such pretty boat. I guess I'll stick with my Old Town. I also have my eye on the Skerry/Annapolis Wherry.


RE: Sassafras 12 flotation

Anyone tried the lift-canoe-bottom-up-and-toss-it-on-its-bottom? Using the end flotation tanks to float one end after tilting to admit air. Then the paddler quickly flicks the boat right-side-up thus ridding the boat of most water from its bilge. It's a variation of a tandem paddler canoe where both paddlers flick their boat from bottom up. Yes, some muscle required and the boat dosn't necessarily lift clear of the water. Only problem is if you are truly solo,  there is no second swimmer to assist you into boat. Having read this thread, I will definitely keep a hold of its painter and try this with my Sass 16. (once I finish building her). Yes I will paddle her solo.  May have to lash a float (second PFD?) to paddle or pole to assist back into boat. Why a peice of cordage tied to a canoe is called a painter I do not know.

practice this before you need to do this; Theo

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