stern and deck/bulkhead issue

Hi All,

So this time i have two different issues with my clc 17 kayak. 

1) Fore deck is installed. However, looking inside i notice the deck does not meet the foreward bulkhead. Not close. It sits just fine on the deck beam . I suppose ,as with many problems, it is  solvable with epoxy. Question is, have others discovered this problem? Also how have others solved it to make for a watertight forward compartment? Oh yes ,the aft  deck doesnt completely meet the entire curve of the rear bulkhead either. Same questions apply.

2) I find nothing in my instructiuon manual on how to finish the very end ,vertical, portion of the stern. After glassing the hull ,trimming the glass at the end etc. what is the final touch? do i finish it before 'glassing the fore and aft deck? how does it get sealed? hope this question is clear.

By the way ,you all have been fantastically helpful with past questions. Thanks so much.


Michael H.

PS has anyone installed another companies seat in their kayak? i've never been happy with backbands. Did get the "rapid pulse" band with my kit but do other companies like wilderness systems ,just for example, sell just seats and can you install someting like that in these boats? thanks again!

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RE: stern and deck/bulkhead issue

Scab in a piece of wood to fill the gap or just glass over the gap. A little more light in the storage compartment will not hurt.

I suggest the the Redfish all foam seat.

Joe will make it to fit any Kayak.  


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