denatured alcohol - is this OK?

I found this from the paint section of Home Depot, so it seems dubious it is really for camping stoves.  But, having read some caution about using denatured alcohol sold as fuel, I'm wary.  Has anyone used this product, from Klean Strip on their boat?  Any advice, pro or con?



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RE: denatured alcohol - is this OK?

I've been using it for over 20 years with no problems. It's also sold as a window cleaner, BTW.

I believe all the odd labeling is  a response to legislative and tax concerns, Between trying to curb air pollution caused by the adulterants used to make you very ill if you drink the stuff and the government's centuries-old imperative not to let people drink untaxed alcohol, some really strange laws have been passed. By labeling the stuff as fuel manufacturers can get around some of the laws and still sell it.

Here in Maryland you can still get 1 gallon cans that are labeled as a painting/finishing product, but in other parts of the country (and other countries) it's only available as smaller quantities of "stove fuel" or window cleaner.

Any 190+ proof grain alcohol will work fine on our boats, so if you know a moonshiner...

RE: denatured alcohol - is this OK?

Thanks you Laszlo!  

<< a response to legislative and tax concerns >>  Yup.  Further, it is on the store shelves, but NOWHERE on the website.  We live in strange times.


RE: denatured alcohol - is this OK?

It should be the exact same product.  I bought a can back in July when it was still just labelled "denatured alcohol" but now last week I bought a can that is labelled "fuel" like the one you have.  I think Klean Strip just changed their labelling for that product.  

Some of the cruisers or backpackers on here have probabaly seen it when buying fuel for alcohol stoves but in some countries that actually add dye to fuel alcohol as well.  I've seen blue and red "fuel alcohol" sold in other places.  I would be weary of using that as a solvent as the dye could get into your workpeice.  In the U.S. I've only seen clear denatured alcohol.   

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