nick in puzzle joint

There is a nick at the sharp end of one of my puzzle joints   It is pretty small but as it is on the rabbet, might be annoyingly visible later.  I thought about glueing in a tiny piece of scrap wood... but I con't have any scrap okoume...

Is there anything I can do to fill this void?  


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RE: nick in puzzle joint

Your picture is invisible to those of us without a google account.

Can you tell us what kind of boat you're building? Sometimes that matters for which repair technique is appropriate. It sounds like one of the lapstitch models.

If the nick is 1/8" (3 mm) or smaller, a dab of epoxy/woodflour mix would take care of it structurally, though it may be visible afterwards.

If it's larger and you need a wooden patch, for a nick that fits in the tip of a puzzle joint you could use almost any kind of wood, even DIY store luan (usually sold as underlayment). Usually boat builders are discouraged from using that kind of wood, but that's for building a whole boat. It just doesn't have the structural properties to be usable. But in this case you're making a small repair that can be saturated in epoxy and have a small fiberglass patch put on it for strength, if need be.

That's the best I can do without more info. Good luck,




RE: nick in puzzle joint

Tnanks for the response. 

I'm building a passagemaker dinghy and the nick is on panel 2 of the hull; roughly 1/8 inch long.  I plan to paint this, so will try your suggestion << a dab of epoxy/woodflour mix >>. 

 Not sure my flickr photo will be viewable either, but here goes.

Cheers, Ken



RE: nick in puzzle joint

One more time on the photo....  just the URL.

RE: nick in puzzle joint

Looks as if all you need is a piece of packing tape behind the crack and nick, drizzle it all with epoxy, let it soak while you mix up some epoxy/woodflour putty, put the putty in the hole and smooth it with a small brush dipped into unthickend epoxy. Once it's cured, just pull the tape off and you should be ready to go.



RE: nick in puzzle joint

   Laszlo, thanks for the suggestion.  Once painted, this should be just about invisible...

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