clc teardrop with electric brakes

I am setting a plan and budget to build a CLC teardrop. The design and ability to build it seems perfect!  That said, I would like to add electric brakes to the trailer. Has anybody done that? It does not seem to be an option. Why do I want to do this? Well, I am a very experienced trailer hauler(I traded my chevy dually duramax danali and 20k lb trailer for a chevy bolt and unauthorized hitch) and like to have a system such that the trailer stops behind me in a panic situation. I will be pulling with my chevy bolt electric vehicle and electric brakes will help minimize wear and tear on car during normal driving as well. Thanks in advance for any wisdom on this topic!






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RE: clc teardrop with electric brakes

It's your rig so of course you can do whatever you want, but In the 5 years I've been driving mine I've never felt the need for anything more than my truck's brakes.

I'm pulling mine behind a 2001 Chevy S-10 with over 300K miles on it and have never had any problems stopping. Mind you, I do follow the handbook instructions and keep it at 55 mph or below, but that said, it's such a light rig that the truck brakes have no problem with it. It's light enough that I can push it around on grass by my self.

Maybe you could borrow a trailer with a similar weight and give it a workout in a parking lot to see if you actually want to add the brakes. If you're used to a 10 ton trailer, you'll be impressed by the nothingness of 400 lbs.



RE: clc teardrop with electric brakes

   Most of those EV 's use charging when the brakes are applied. Trailer braking would lessen the braking of the vehicle and lessen the charging effect. 

In  Florida brakes are required on trailers weighing 3,000 pounds or more.  I suspect the Teardrop does not weight that much nor take a load that would gross it out over 3K#

Boat trailers that have brakes mostly use surge brakes. They don't corrode/fail  in water as fast.  But they are a pain and require a five pin trailer plug so back up lights keep it from working so it can be backed. (or a 1/2" bolt)


RE: clc teardrop with electric brakes

   Hi Everyone, how're you doing?? Im new on these websites and i had little knowlege about boat and sailing.. I wanted about to know more about building boat and sailin at the same time... Of course i read what you says .. im a woman but with your words im getting to know about about it.

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