Schooner Gold vs Schooner

I'm getting ready to apply the topcoat varnish over four (4) costs of West System 105 resin and 207 hardener on a Mckenzie drift boat I just finished building. I'm leaning towards one of these two varnishes. The boat is located  inside and heated. I've read the Interlux information on both products and I think I understand the difference between them. I want the best UV protection possible and the Schooner Gold seems to provide that.

Not having a great deal of experience with varnish,  I just wondering what the pros and cons of each are in relationship to their ease of application and overall performance?

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RE: Schooner Gold vs Schooner


I used Schooner Gold when building my Jimmy Skiff with no problem. I am now using it in a Pocketship build and I've had a nightmare with curing issues. My shop is inside and conditioned and the same one I build JS in. 

I remember thinning a good bit with my JS and I hardly did at all when I first started varnishing on this build. There's more to that saga but after research into Gold I've heard of other users having trouble with curing on the first coat if not thinned properly. Tech specs from Interlux say 50% for bare wood applications. Yours and my application will of course likely be a substrate of epoxy. I took that to mean I could skip thinning but I believe I was wrong about that. The only way I've gotten my Gold to cure hard in 24 hours is by thinning it 50% with Interlux's 333 product. It's REALLY runny this was but it works. 

I dont' remember giving it a whole lot of thought with JS, measuring or anything. I just threw some thinner in, rolled it on, and don't remember any problems at all. So either there's something weird differnt in my shop or I was just luckily thinnning a lot, albeit unintentionally.

Honestly if I hadn't already bought a bunch of cans of GOld, I'd just use the regular Schooner. That's been used forever and seems to be tried and true. Gold seems to be more finicky from anecdotal stuff I've ready. Not to mention my own disasterous experience on this build.

Good luck!


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