Interior Fitting Details

Hello, I've reached the stage of my Chesapeak 17 build where I now have to start thinking about installation of the footbraces and cabling for the smart track system.  I'm uncertain abou the details of attaching the clips for the cable tube and footbraces to the hull and through the bulkhead/deck. The manual does give instructions for the footbrace installtion but I was wondering if there was a method that is acceptable that forgoes hardware visible from the outside?

I'm curious if anyone has photos, details, or methods for these installations they're willing to share for a novice such as myself?  I appreciate any insight offered.  

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RE: Interior Fitting Details


I don't have rudders on either of the Chesapeakes I've built, so can't help you with the cable issues.  But in case you haven't seen it, CLC does sell a footbrace mounting kit that allows you to install foot brace tracks with no through hull fasteners. That page implies it will work with the Smart Track system, though you will also need a Vertical Adjustment Kit.  

Good luck!

RE: Interior Fitting Details

If you haven't already purchased your foot braces/rudder controls I have a pair of essentially new SmartTrack foot braces/rudder controls as well as a pair of mounting studs that I would be glad to give you if you pay for shipping.  The mounting studs are in their original packaging.  I used the rudder controls for an hour in a new tandem I had built and then replaced them with a set of Seaselect controls.   Text me at 608-239-9646.


(Frankly, when i read this forum I am surprised by how many builders use rudders instead of skegs on their single kayaks.)

RE: Interior Fitting Details

Hello Jack, I did not know about the mouting studs, those look like a great option for a clean look.

David, that's great of you to offer that!  I do already have the smart track system but not the mouting studs.  I'll reach out to you shortly.


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