Wood Duck 12' Hybrid - Finally Completed!

Too difficult to post pics here, see pics here:


Thanks to all for the helpful postings, I've read through hundreds of them while completing my first (and probably last) boat build of a 12' Wood Duck hybrid.  Especially Laszlo, you offered lots of great tips.

The build:

Deck: Western Red Cedar strip & Purple Heart accents / Hull: Okoume

Stapleless constructed (not that difficult), Titebond 2, CEC Corp. epoxy and resin, 6 oz. fiberglass cloth, Interlux Schooner varnish and more sand paper than I can possbily imagine..... Took about 5 months working a couple hours a day. 

First mistake, bevelled the wrong side of the port side hull panels. So, I cut a rabbet (?) ( the first layer of Okoume) on the other side to match. The interesting contrast it created, especially on the stern, was a beautiful touch. This also allowed me to cover the groove with an additional layer of narrow fiberglass.


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RE: Wood Duck 12' Hybrid - Finally Completed!

Beautiful work!

Never point out your mistakes.

RE: Wood Duck 12' Hybrid - Finally Completed!

What a lovely boat!  I'm a big fan off your deck design/colors.  I mistook the bevel at the stern for protective strips of (tougher) wood like those often added to the most battle-prone edges of cedar strip kayaks.  I noticed that you seem to have added a pretty aggressive (but nicely uniform) bevel to the outside of the transom too - it's interesting and unique and seems to be an aesthetic choice (maybe to match the hull side/bottom panels?).  I recently build a wood duckling and was not quite sure how to bevel the transom (but ended up with a small bevel on the sides on the inside).

RE: Wood Duck 12' Hybrid - Finally Completed!

Absolutely amazing. And the photos belong in the photo contest. Very well done, welcome to the fleet.





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