first kayak not first boat

Hello all first time here, I`ve purchased a wood duck hybrid plans and was wondering about plywood.

CLC uses 4mm occume but is that the only choice? As it is only around 5/32" thick and appearantly ideal for stitch and glue tourtured construction, are there other alternatives, marine or not.

As I plan the encapsulate is there really a need for marine grade plywood.

As a builder/maker, always looking to ease the pain of stupidly high priced goods in Canada, 3 ply 4mm occume $124/sheet, 3ply mahogany 1/8th +/- , half the price.

4mm being roughly 5/32" +/-

Cheers, Rick



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RE: first kayak not first boat


The cheapest marine grade plywood is meranti, not as pretty as okoume and a bit heavier. It would probably work. Any plywood that isn't marine grade will probably have internal voids you won't be able to see and they will cause the wood to bend irregularly and might even fracture depending on where you have to bend the wood. I've built a Duckling, WD12 hybrid and a WD Tandem all with okoume. No problems but I did spray the bow with water inside and out on the 12 to make sure it didn't snap. Probably would've been okay, the WD 10 has pretty horrendous twists as well. The stuff isn't cheap in the States either but it's worth the peace of mind knowing the build will go smoothly. 

George K

RE: first kayak not first boat


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