Temporarily marking hull

I'm working on a Skerry. Rails are done! Thanks to CLC support, and a few Q&A rounds here.

Now the skeg. I need to mark the bottom of the hull to center the skeg. The hull is covered with epoxy, so -- dumb question -- what do you recommend for temporary marks? Pencils and pens don't work. I don't want to use a permanent marker (even though I will almost certainly be painting the hull).

What can I use to write on the hull, that can be easily removed once the skeg is in place?

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RE: Temporarily marking hull

   Put down some painters tape and put your pencil marks on the tape. I use the green frog tape because pencil shows up easily on it.

RE: Temporarily marking hull

   Seems like I've always used a pencil on sanded epoxy. But I have done the tape and mark the tape.

RE: Temporarily marking hull

I've used tape for a couple of things, but it always ends up sticking way more than I'd like, and I have to scrape it off. I've tried masking tape, and blue painter's tape.

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