Rhode runner

I've done two stitch and epoxy kayaks with good success and I'm now trying the rhode runner. Bit more challenging.... I've just stitched the hull and frames in and pre drilled holes make it pretty clear where frames are intended to line up. But the transom seems a bit awkward how how it lines up to be stitched in.  Does the lip of the interior doubler rest on the hull or the exterior transom main board. Any picture showing this would be greatly appreciated! 

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RE: Rhode runner

   The outer edge of aft/exterior board of the transom lines up with the aft edges of the hull planks, so the transom assembly sets totally inside the hull planks.  The smaller transom board will thus form a big groove on the inside of the hull that you'll fill with filet, just like exists on many of the doubled frames. 

I'm putting the final coats of varnish on the topsides of my Rhode Runner now.  It is already up on its trailer, and I was even up under the foredeck today starting on the wiring.

I think I've made several slight "improvements" in a couple of areas, some of the most important being adding a stem-piece backing for the bow eye, adding a piece of plywood just outboard of the quarter knees (to take cleat stresses), adding a watertight hatch into bulkhead/frame #2 to allow access to the bow, and altering the way the deck/rub rail is laid up together.  A few of these things you need to consider doing right away if you elect to do them at all - for instance getting the hatch cut into frame #2 will be easier before it is stitched to the hull - you might consider unstitching - or maybe if you're already stitched in it isn't that big of deal to cut it in, but you'll need to do that and also put in the bow stem/bow eye reenforcement soon.

I'm near Atlanta.  richards.home@yahoo.com  Happy to provide many pictures of construction and coaching/discussion on the phone if you'd like - send an e-mail if so.

I was very happy and surprized a number of times with how accurately the pieces all went together.  Often the parts were dead-on or less than 1/8 inch off, which is pretty amazing in this design that calls for a lot of things to fit together in ways that aren't nearly so important on a kayak.


RE: Rhode runner

   Oh, and if you're going to order a new outboard, maybe do that now.  The one I ordered in FEB kept having its delivery date extended; most recently to late August.  When I got that news I got online and I got very lucky, after much internet and phone research I found some 25 HP Suzukis in stock.  The dealer said he ordered 5 of them 15 months ago, and just got them last week.  I'll give you a lead on where they are, if desired.

And the Honda I had on order with a local dealer now due for delivery in August could probably get your name attached to it if you wanted to do that.

RE: Rhode runner

   Thank you ! The bow hatch on frame 2 is a smart idea. I'm pretty impressed with the kit given my lack of boat building experience it's moving along pretty well. I'd love to see pictures of your build progress. It helps to see how it looks as it comes together. 
my email is jpinkhamg@gmail.com. I think we have a line on a motor but I'm keeping an eye out for a trailer. 
thanks for the quick help ! 

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