Rhode Rower?! 25 HP Outboard Wanted

I'm slightly devastated.  The new 25 hp Honda outboard that I've had on order for nearly 3 months now with a local dealer just got an updated (and again delayed) delivery date - to the end of August. And here I am putting on the final coats of varnish on the Rhode Runner.  My wife says I'll have to install oar locks - the way I'm feeling just now I didn't even find that funny.  HELP!

Looking for a 25 hp outboard in decent condition.  Located near Atlanta but willing to drive some interstate distances if necesarry.  richards.home@yahoo.com

I already posted to the classifieds section.

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RE: Rhode Rower?! 25 HP Outboard Wanted

I saw a little used honda 25hp engine ad.

RE: Rhode Rower?! 25 HP Outboard Wanted

After several hours on the internet and phone I wass able to locate a motor - new Suzuki.  The dealer where I found it said they had just received five 25 HP - after waiting 15 months for delivery.  Having to pay shipping was just about a wash when offset by not having to pay tax for the out of state internet purchase.  And my local (Lake Lanier, GA) dealer should now have a Honda available in Aug/Sep, that's if it hasn't been spoken for already.  Thanks.  

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