Paint blocking

6 days out from my 3rd coat of white brightside polyurethane and a his happen d just getting it on the roof rack.  Hindsight google etc and I painted to thick and didn't allow enough time to dry. Any advice on what to do with the scraped off bits and how to protect the very bottom/rib strip. I need to get it on the water and learn to row as I am heading to Bellingham in 2 weeks to do the inside passage. Can I cover it with some type of varnish and then sand it down and fix it in the fall?  






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RE: Paint blocking

   The pic doesn't seem to be loading on this end. But I will say, rowing the inside passage sounds awesome.

RE: Paint blocking

Hi Meher,

if the paint that is scraped off is on the bottom of the hull, as long as the glass is intact,  i would just leave it and deal with it towards the end of the season and/or when you have a large break with some warm weather.

the paint is there for UV light (sunlight) protection.  but if you generally keep your boat deck-side up, it won't be in the light so there is no real issue if the paint is not there.

it seems from your description (and i can't see your picture) that its only cosmetic...and rubbing some paint off of the keel line is pretty common unless you actually put a rub-strip on the boat (this is a seperate scratch protector put on top of the keel that is not painted).

so i would enjoy your paddle and just add this to the end-of-season touch up activities.


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