Pin holes in hull

After finishing painting the hull I've discovered about 20 pin holes from the stitches some I can run a fishing line through . Is there a way to fix this without having to repaint?

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RE: Pin holes in hull

Hi Greg, 

the answer is you can probably fix this without repainting.  but the priority is filling these little holes.

i would take some epoxy and mix in a bit of cabosil/cell-of-fill so that it is slightly thickened (mayonaise consistency).

then i would put a drop  on each pinhole, and then with a gloved finger, push the mixture into the pin-hole.  you can then wipe up any extra epoxy that is on the paint with a white paper towel and a swipe of denatured alcohol to get any final epoxy residue off.

the most important thing here is to push that epoxy into the pinhole so it goes all the way through and there is no bubble any longer which is what opened up the hole.

if it looks clean, no new paint needed.  no paint job is perfect and if its only these pinholes, they should be no more obvious after the repair suggested above then they were before.

but lets get these holes filled.  that's what the focus needs to be on.


RE: Pin holes in hull

   That's what I did except I dabbed it into the holes with a toothpick first and then for the larger holes I snapped off a toothpick dipped in the epoxy first. Still had to sand a little and do an extra coat of paint.                                                                                   I never had that issue before, I think it had to do with the thickness of the dory panels


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