leakage around connection bolts in sectional

My shearwater sectional still needs another coat of epoxy and its varnish, but... since it's 60 degrees today and going to snow tonight, I decided to take it out on the lake this morning even to make sure it comes together and doesn't have obvious leaks before I spent the next three months sanding and finishing it up.  (And yes, I realize I need to make sure it totally dries out before I add any more epoxy.)

Overally, I was very pleased with how it floats and handles.  BUT, there was definitely some leakage -- after about half an hour, it was enough that I didn't want to sit in it, so pulled over to pour water out.  There was also some water in the end sections, although less than in the cockpit.

I didn't do a rigorous test, but it looks to me like water is coming in around the connection bolts that hold the sectional together.  Is there a way to fix this, either in contruction or assembly? (e.g. should I be trying to screw the bolts in further so the rubber gasket is compressed?)  Or is this typical?

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RE: leakage around connection bolts in sectional

I had some leakage into the fore and aft sections on my Shearwater Sectional at first (thankfully not in the cockpit). To fix it you need to make sure that you sand the bulkheads are flat as you possibly can. The vinyl membrane alone can't create a watertight seal if it is not on a flat surface. Pay special attention to the areas right around to bolt holes. You may need to add some wood-dust epoxy in rough areas. Sanding and more sanding. And more sea trials.

You'll get there but it took me several attempts. Of course, you also want to tighten the bolts as much as you can so make sure they are very securely glued into the wing nuts.

It's a great boat and the sectional structure makes SUV transport easy, but you have to pay a price in elbow grease.   

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