Sawhorses for Jimmy Skiff II



As I prepare the shop for building the Jimmy Skiff II, I was wondering if anyone had any good links for building sawhorses suitable for that boat? My daughter and I will be attending the July class at CLC and we will have the hull completed. So I'd like to be all set to put it on firm sawhorses when we get it back to Michigan. 



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RE: Sawhorses for Jimmy Skiff II

 When I was reading the About topics for clc, I came across their specs for the sawhorses most commonly used in their shop classes here.

RE: Sawhorses for Jimmy Skiff II

a jimmy skiff is a pretty heavy (150 lbs) and wide boat.

the sawhorses shown above are really oriented at kayaks/light rowing craft.

you would want something 'heavy duty'

youtube has several good video's on building a heavy duty saw horse.

Heavy Duty 2x4 Sawhorse / simple DIY woodworking - YouTube

i built my own variation of this and when i am between projects i simply dissasemble it and put the pieces away until i have the next project.

a bit of work, but having a nice, non-wobbly saw horse that can be adjusted to the height you like is something i would build.

for a jimm skiff you probably want 4 1/2 to 5 feet in your cross bar so you can support the hull upside down as well as right side up.


RE: Sawhorses for Jimmy Skiff II

   Honestly it was easiest for me to buy a set of sheet steel horses and screw sacrificial 2x4s on top.

That way I can cut wood or drill using the 2x4s as a backing or cut a notch or angle to better fit the bottom of the boat. Then I use wood wedges to shim the bottom as needed to level. And they fold up when I need to make room or move them. 

i screwed the 2x4s on from the underside so there are no screw heads to hit with a saw. 

RE: Sawhorses for Jimmy Skiff II

   I made "regular" saw horses similar to union carpenter saw horses for the initial construction. Think horses like the ones in Hspira's post. Then put a framed table top on them to provide space for gluing up the panels. 

I was working in a small space while the contractors were building the new shop.  To illistrate the smallness. I had to pull a canoe out, and turn it around to work on the other side.  So I moved some more things and put the JS II on a wheeled rail system. See pic.  The two bunks go the length of the boat like a boat trailer. There is a padded 2x4 across the bow to provide stability and take care of the rocker on the boat. The feet have hinged wheel panel that is latched in place. Once at the work space I can lift up , anf flip the wheels out making a firm work platform.

Right now the JS II work platform is used as a storage device. It rolls into the garage next to the skiboat or into the shop for work.  Next item is to rig it for sailing. 

I also have some of those sheet metal saw horses the drywall contractor left at the site.  They wiggle. I wouldn't use them for the boat. They work good for strips on another boat though. 



RE: Sawhorses for Jimmy Skiff II

"...... we will have the hull completed. So I'd like to be all set to put it on firm sawhorses when we get it back to Michigan. "


You will  have the hull assembled. Complete will be likely without finishing. 

Do you know how you are bringing it back to Michigan? 

RE: Sawhorses for Jimmy Skiff II

Thanks everyone for the great advice. We are good to go for transport. We have the Trailex Trailer for the Skiff. 

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